Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How it all began

4:05:48 Nim Bravewolf "features stunning turquoise waters "

4:06:08 Bravewolf Nim especially when you plummet into them from the bridge where you decided to end it all

4:06:15 Nim Bravewolf gives me the mental image of people arriving at the beach and just standing there looking at it, dumbfounded

4:06:19 Nim Bravewolf because they're stunned :)

4:06:32 Bravewolf Nim beaches of south zombies

4:06:37 Nim Bravewolf nice, yes

4:08:39 Nim Bravewolf you what I like?

4:08:53 Bravewolf Nim No, I don't what you like.

4:08:58 Nim Bravewolf pfft liar

4:09:02 Bravewolf Nim forbidden words?

4:09:06 Bravewolf Nim invisible words

4:09:21 Nim Bravewolf what I mean in particular though, is that I can say the most absurd and non-sequitor things to you, and you just roll with it

4:09:24 Bravewolf Nim attractive hats

4:09:28 Bravewolf Nim haha

4:10:09 Bravewolf Nim we should have our own show

4:10:11 Nim Bravewolf lol

4:10:29 Nim Bravewolf we need our own "wtf blog"

4:10:31 Bravewolf Nim haha

4:10:54 Bravewolf Nim "Stupid/amazing things from around the web and our heads"

4:11:00 Nim Bravewolf yes

4:11:02 Nim Bravewolf exactly

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