Monday, April 19, 2010

Jesus' swollen bastards

11:02:09 Bravewolf Nim: LOL

11:02:45 Nim Bravewolf: oh I read that yesterday

11:02:54 Bravewolf Nim: the one I commented on :D

11:02:56 Nim Bravewolf: it was a big topic in my IRC atheism group

11:03:08 Bravewolf Nim: “Jesus' swollen belly looks like another swollen body part. “ LOL

11:03:16 Bravewolf Nim: I haven’t been on IRC in eons

11:03:42 Nim Bravewolf: that is actually a perfectly legitimate style of iconography though

11:03:48 Nim Bravewolf: I don't ht ink they should change it

11:04:20 Nim Bravewolf: maybe put a little line across to show his six pack

11:04:25 Bravewolf Nim: I know but I will still snicker in a juvenile manner.

11:04:36 Bravewolf Nim:

11:04:50 Bravewolf Nim: linked from the first... wow. Aren’t you an asshole.

11:05:12 Nim Bravewolf: yes, I would too

11:06:07 Bravewolf Nim: I like how this person is claiming that marriage would solve the ills of the single, poverty stricken mother, but is promoting his agenda by focusing his pejoratives on the children.

11:06:23 Nim Bravewolf: so... you're young and some guy knocks you up abortion is a sin.. and
now they don't want you to get help either?

11:06:34 Bravewolf Nim: and then he gets to his real agenda: “It's time to communicate in policy and not just in words that in America, we expect you to save sex for marriage, to have children only within the marriage relationship, and that we will no longer force American taxpayers to fund the expenses of children they did not conceive and with whom they have no relationship and for whom they have no responsibility.”

11:06:52 Nim Bravewolf: " They are certain to grow up in an environment where they do not have the daily, meaningful and essential presence of a father."

11:07:03 Nim Bravewolf: uh yeah.. because all fathers are AWESOME

11:07:09 Nim Bravewolf: and they'll make your life great?

11:07:28 Bravewolf Nim: OH. OH. So children should be your *punishment* for out-of-wedlock sex because you can’t abort them but you can’t get any help for your situation either.

11:07:34 Nim Bravewolf: yeah

11:07:37 Bravewolf Nim: What a wonderful environment to grow up in.

11:07:39 Nim Bravewolf: way to make their lives worse..

11:07:50 Nim Bravewolf: next they'll claim that we should just eat them

11:08:11 Nim Bravewolf: "This year, taxpayers will cough up $300 billion to provide welfare to single moms,"

11:08:17 Nim Bravewolf: I highly doubt this number

11:08:28 Bravewolf Nim: Not only are you a punishment for your mother, you also apparently should be labelled with the term “bastard” so that other people can cut you out of their social groups, thus ensuring that the problem of single-parent poverty is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

11:08:37 Nim Bravewolf: yeah

11:08:55 Nim Bravewolf: and I love how he says that the US is overtaxed

11:09:13 Nim Bravewolf: the US is SO not overtaxed.. they're way down the line for taxes

11:11:16 Bravewolf Nim: I am all for reforming the welfare system so that people can’t abuse it. However, if you want to effect change, you have to give these people a way out and actually empower them to make their lives better - make working more attractive than welfare because they get more opportunities and their children have good childcare options.

11:11:37 Nim Bravewolf: you can't make it so that no one can abuse the system

11:11:55 Nim Bravewolf: because then people who actually need it will get cut out on the side of caution

11:12:05 Bravewolf Nim: I just don’t see this happening... you can’t tell someone to work if they have no place to put their kids.

11:12:09 Nim Bravewolf: yup

11:12:46 Nim Bravewolf: more sperm donor dads need to be forced to pay support

11:14:27 Bravewolf Nim: I agree that women who choose to have children should be evaluating what kind of life they can give a child. However, I don’t think that single parenthood is the root of all evil. He doesn’t mention what kind of help he thinks people who have lost a spouse should have.

11:14:50 Nim Bravewolf: yeah

11:14:52 Bravewolf Nim: what if you did everything right and things just didn’t work out?

11:15:00 Nim Bravewolf: and what about women in abusive relationships?

11:15:06 Nim Bravewolf: or ppl getting divorced

11:15:12 Bravewolf Nim: oh they should stay for the sake of the money- er, children.

11:16:32 Nim Bravewolf: hah yeah

11:18:58 Bravewolf Nim: so what if you have a couple of black eyes, a broken jaw and a few busted ribs every few months? The American people - the hard working two parent families (because no single parent works for a living - they all live on yachts collecting welfare) who pay their taxes depend on you to shut your mouth (you should - all those broken teeth don’t look good on a woman) and praise God for your home.

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